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Welcome to a worldwide CPA Affiliate Network with HUNDREDS of direct COD offers from trusted advertisers around the globe.

  • WOW-products for the MENA countries
  • Exclusive local COD offers
  • Higher CR with localized funnels in Arabic
  • Twice-a-week payments

Now we have nearly 100 000 affiliates all over the world. 500 of them are already working with the MENA countries. Every day we help them make their Internet income more stable and grow it confidently. Be one of the first!

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How Adcombo works

  • Affiliate

    Has traffic to monetize

  • Advertiser

    Has goods or services he wants to sell

  • AdCombo

    Provides a platform where they both meet for a mutual advantage

Start Earning!

What is Cash-On-Delivery?

Cash-on-Delivery is the way of selling goods via shipping where a customer pays for them on delivery, not in advance. Cash-on-Delivery model works in the following way:

  • Customer places an order on the landing page by entering their name and phone number in a form.

  • A local call center agent contacts the customer within 1-2 hours.

  • Customer confirms the order over the phone, and Affiliate gets the payout for the lead on their AdCombo balance.

Why is COD your profitable choice?

  • Fast monetization

    Affiliate gets paid for an approved lead, not an actual purchase.

  • Impulse purchases

    Wow-products work best with COD because of the psychological effect of delayed payment.

  • Higher CR

    Short forms are easy and quick, and customers are more willing to share a phone number rather than their credit card details.

  • Strong support

    A hesitant customer can be convinced by a professional sales agent.

  • Broader audience reach

    You can acquire customers from areas where credit cards are not as popular.

How to benefit with Adcombo?

Step 1
Become a Publisher

To make it quicker, provide info about your affiliate experience: preferred offers, traffic sources used, etc.

Step 2

Pick an offer to start earning! We have a huge list of offers to pick from (tip - use filters)! There are lots of GEOs available.

AdCombo’s TOP Nutra verticals:

Health & Beauty
Diet & Weight loss
Tip: Some of our GEOs are rare in the niche, which means low competition and higher returns. Note this and consult your manager if in doubt!

Not sure where to start?

Get help by contacting your manager!

Step 3

Pick/Create a prelanding/landing page

Choose from the localized pages by our creative team or use your own. Our pages have been developed for various audiences and proved to have a high CR in course of in-house testing. Wanna start local? Landing pages in Arabic are at your service!

Step 4

Choose sources for promotion, run traffic to the offer picked, and generate as many leads as you can!

Step 5

Get paid! We pay twice a week and the min. the amount for withdrawal is $50. Payment methods available:

Whether you're an accomplished marketer in search of new horizons or just starting to expand your affiliate business - count on our support! We'll help you monetize your traffic in the best possible way.

Start earning big with AdCombo today!


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